Office of Community Engagement in person office status

IUPUI faculty and staff will largely return to in person work after August 1, 2021. All students, facutly and staff are required to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. Read the full Indiana University policy

The Office of Community Engagement will resume in person office hours on August 2, 2021. However, some staff will maintain fully remote or hybrid work status. Our office can be reached at 317-274-7400 or for any questions.

Community engagement is in our DNA

IUPUI is inextricably connected to the world around us. Our campus covers more than 534 acres within the city of Indianapolis but our reach goes deep into the community.

Our commitment to community engagement can be seen in almost everything we do, whether we’re helping students succeed in the classroom or working to increase the well-being of our city, country, and world.

We’re here to facilitate these activities, creating and nurturing partnerships between campus and community in ways that matter.

Community engagement by the numbers

9,737students enrolled in community-based learning courses in 2015–16

1,000,000+hours of student engagement in the community annually through courses

2,000+middle and high school students served by Indiana Kids in year 3

875 community partners

63%of alumni reported participating in community service or volunteer work while at IUPUI

49%of faculty report engaging in a collaborative research project with a community partner

57%of IUPUI employees live in Marion County

38.3%of students voted in 2018 -- a 25 percentage point increase from 2014

$40,736,173spent by IUPUI with diverse suppliers for products and services

Engaging in key community issues

Our students, faculty and staff are engaged with the community in key issues that impact families, such as K-12 education.

Learn more about how we partner with local schools and other community organizations to invest in the success of students long before they ever step foot on campus.

Community Partner Spotlight

Our work in the community is possible through our community partners.

For more than 40 years, IUPUI has been engaged with our neighbors in the Near West, a vibrant and diverse community located just west of downtown and across the White River from campus.

Making an impact in our community

Three people stand in front of a home. Two are holding shovels. One is holding a tree. There is a hole in the ground.

Congratulations to the 2021 Bantz Award recipients

The 2021 Bantz Community Fellowship was awarded to Dr. Leslie Etienne and Dr. Tambra Jackson for their work with the Indianapolis Freedom Schools Partnerships. Dr. Victoria Garcia Wilbrun and Dr. Devon Hensel received the 2021 Bantz Community Scholar Award for their work with Hope Academy to help adolescents overcome substance-use disorders.  

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Three people stand in front of a home. Two are holding shovels. One is holding a tree. There is a hole in the ground.

OnyxFest 2021 announced new play for fall lineup

The playwright of "Ransom Place," Jameel Amir Martin, is a native of Indianapolis. He graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School in NYC, and from the Juilliard School, where he received a Bachelors of Music. Ransom Place is his first play.

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Three people stand in front of a home. Two are holding shovels. One is holding a tree. There is a hole in the ground.

One-stop-shop for K-12 camps, competitions and classes

IUPUI launched a new website that is a one-stop-shop for camps, classes, and competitions for K-12 students! Explore the opportunities at

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