A record number of William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallions were awarded to 50 IUPUI undergraduate and graduate students from 14 different IUPUI schools. Learn more about their community engaged work.

We strongly value our connections in the community. Working with individuals, businesses, nonprofits, schools, health care providers and neighborhood organizations enables us to connect students, faculty and staff with relevant issues of today, to better prepare our students, and to find workable solutions to local and global problems. 

As a result of the IUPUI Strategic Plan: Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond, IUPUI has integrated four offices into a comprehensive, campus wide Office of Community Engagement. This office creates a more coordinated, strategic approach to professional development and corporate education; neighborhood, school, and family partnerships; volunteerism and service; and a campus wide culture of engagement.

The Office of Community Engagement combines the Office of External Affairs, Community Learning Network, Solution Center, Center for Service and Learning and IUPUI Alumni Relations. New initiatives of the office include Professional Development and Corporate Education and Family, School and Neighborhood Engagement .

You can access the Office of Community Engagement's resources by calling (317) 274-7400 or emailing engage@iupui.edu.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

3:30 PM5:30 PM

Meet professionals. Learn from experts. Grow talent.

Network with central Indiana business professionals at the July 6, 2016, IUPUI Talent Network Forum. Join your colleagues for this un... Read more »

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