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The IU Student Success Corps, formerly known as the IU Indiana Kids program, moved all our services online in the spring due to COVID-19, and will be continuing those services this fall. 

Virtual tutoring and mentoring services are offered Tuesday from 5 - 9:30 p.m., and Wednesday and Thursday from 6 - 9:30 p.m. Visit our resources page for information about upcoming events, along with materials in Spanish and English.

Contact your local campus if you have questions. See below for more information on how to connect with your local campus.

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What families had to say

"Working with my tutor helped me raise my algebra grade. She made it not miserable to study math!" 
"It is very important this program is free of charge as we wouldn't be able to pay for a private tutor. Thanks to this program my son has been able to improve his grades."
"I just got my math ISTEP score back and I passed! Thank you very much for providing me with awesome tutors that helped me along the way to passing."

What we offer for 6-12th grade students statewide

Free tutoring

During the academic school year, we offer tutoring in the evenings online and by phone, allowing students in grades 6 through 12 to connect with an IU college student to get help in math, English, science, social studies.


Mentor partnering

Once enrolled in the program, students can participate in mentoring with an IU college student, based on what is offered by their local campus.

Mentors will discuss academic goals, challenges, and support positive decision making.

Programs & workshops

Enrolled students also will receive opportunities to participate in college and career readiness programs as offered by your local campus. 

Find upcoming events here, or contact your local campus for more information. 

IU Bloomington

Contact: Sophie Haywood

Enroll online.


IU East

Contact: Ann Tobin

Enroll online.

IU Kokomo

Enroll online.


IU Northwest

Contact: James Wallace

Enroll online.



IU South Bend

Contact: Ginny Heidemann

Visit website.

Enroll online.


IU Southeast

Contacts: Gloria Murray, Emily Seay

Visit website.

Enroll online.


Contacts: Kayla Nunnally, Nicole Oglesby, and Khaula Murtadha, sscp@iupui.edu

Visit website.

Enroll online.


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To download Zoom on your phone or tablet, visit your Android or Apple app store. The app is called Zoom Cloud Meetings.

To join a meeting:

  1. Click "Join a meeting"
  2. Enter your meeting ID (which can be found in your enrollment email)

No Internet? No problem.

You can call in from your phone!

  1. Call IU Zoom
  2. Enter your meeting ID (both can be found in your enrollment email)
  3. Have paper ready!

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Watch a video demonstration on how to use Zoom and log in for a virtual session.


Recognition for our program

Featured in journal

Our program was featured in the second edition of the ENGAGE! journal, focused on community-engaged research with the community. Read the full article here.

Conference presentation

Program organizers were invited to speak at Rise Up, the Institute for Educational Leadership's virtual summit, with a focus on equity of opportunity.

A professional connection

After three years of mentoring and tutoring local students while working on her master’s degree, Natalie Freitag landed a job as a counselor to continue helping those students. Read more of Natalie's story.

Support for all students

For many students with special needs, the switch to virtual learning had a significant impact on the services and supports they receive from their school. Learn about how Indiana Kids stepped in to help.


Watch the video to learn more about our tutors and mentors

Highlighting our campuses

Community engagement at IU Southeast

Tutors and mentors at IU Southeast are consistently engaging with the community.

They partner with local schools; collect hundreds of items for holiday drives for a local orphanage, homeless shelter and other local organizations that support families; offer homework help at My Club, a group for children whose parents are or have been incarcerated; organized a clothing drive for children in local schools; and have partnered with the local Housing Authority to offer tutoring, snacks and STEM lessons to children in local housing.


Supporting the community through partnerships at IU South Bend

At IUSB, tutors and mentors have built multiple partnerships with the community.

This includes school districts, where tutors and mentors are embedded in classroms and also provide services in after-school clubs; local community organizations for programs and tutoring and mentoring services; and the South Bend Cubs, where local youth can work with baseball on coaches and get their homework done.

Responding to family needs at IU East

Parents receive frequent communication from the program at IU East, asking them about any support they may need.

Their responses have led tutors and mentors to respond through helping parents with technical issues during virtual learning for students; including training on childhood trauma, bullying, and specific issues related to youth isolation during the pandemic; working with counselors at Centerstone who refer parents to set up tutoring and mentoring; and working with the 21st Century Scholars coordinator to try to create equity of opportunity for students to attend college.

General questions

For questions about the program or to request paper applications to enroll, please email sscp@iupui.edu or call 317-278-2000.

You can also find us on Facebook!