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Lunch & Learn Workshop: September 13, 2022

Two people stand inside a brewery. One is pouring beer from a metal tank.

Creating and Implementing a Talent Strategy

The war for talent is more competitive now than ever. It is a candidate market and for small to mid-sized organizations to be competitive you have to be at the top of your game. What can you do to ensure you are positioned to hire the best of the best? Join Terra Doyle from Roche Diagnostics to learn more.

Terra will walk you through ways to attract, engage, and retain talent for your organization, regardless of the size of your workforce. This is the first of a series of Lunch & Learn online workshops brought to you by IUPUI Professional and Continuing Education in the Office of Community Engagement.

Virtual Spots are Limited. The cost is $49 but the benefit is invaluable.


Business Operations Series

Two people stand inside a brewery. One is pouring beer from a metal tank.

Trainings to market, advertise, and manage your small business

Sign up for one or all of these Spring 2022 courses offered to help you learn to market, advertise, and manage your small business.

What if you could learn the secrets to marketing that have created multi-million dollar companies, like Uber, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and have the potential, if implemented, to multiply your Return on Investment? What if there is a mindset that allows you to unleash your creative thinking and market your product in unexpected ways?

The purpose of this class is to encourage you to examine growth hacker marketing, and determine ways to utilize the mindset no matter what type of business you are promoting, no matter the events or circumstances you find yourself in.

Some of the comments from former students include:

  • I really enjoyed the "Promoting Your Business" Course! I was able to immediately put the information I learned from this class into practice into my job. It was a great experience!
  • Expect to gain the ability to improve your goals within your business. This course will motivate you to do better and want to exceed your own expectations.
  • Good content on how to growth hack your business!

Registration is closed.

In our fast pace world we are bombarded with messages for goods and services. It can become overwhelming to the point we block them out. This course examines advertising and marketing in our harried world. We will look at personal attributes to become more effective about creating awareness about one’s company and to grow the business. Identifying tools and resources will help to make a difference in the ability to increase effectiveness and separate one from their competitors. Lastly, blending advertising and marketing can help distinguish a company in a frenzied messaged filled society.

After taking this class you will be able to learn how to build and improve personal advertising and marketing skills; identify the strengths and challenges for various types of campaigns; develop an understanding for a competitors’ approach to advertising and marketing; create potential strategies for advertising and marketing; and increase web presence through search engine optimization.

Some of the comments from former students include:

  • Effective Advertising is a necessary course for any professional seeking to enhance their company's marketing strategies while developing their own marketing strengths.
  • If you think you know everything there is to know about marketing and advertising, you will be pleasantly surprised and excited to put this new knowledge in action!
  • It gave me ideas that I can implement in to my business.

Registration is closed.

There are multiple aspects of creating a thriving enterprise. Whether one is a business owner, an entrepreneur or an employee of a large corporation, having the ability to grow the organization is fundamental to each stake holder regardless of their position. One must have the ability to analyze the inner workings of that enterprise. It is important to justify one’s observations based on facts and data, not guesses or bias. Each person’s day to day work and role in that business is critical for success and growth. In this course we will look at each person’s ability to move the business forward.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify key measurement in your business
  • Understand the culture of your business
  • Communicate key components of success
  • Develop a basic business plan

    Some of the comments from former students include:
  • You will look at your company from many different perspectives after completing this course.
  • It is helping me to look at the business from different perspectives and a holistic approach.

Registration is closed.

Every day in every situation, we must sell. We sell ourselves, we sell our company, we sell a service that our company offers, and we sell employees on how to be more motivated and effective. This course takes you from the “pre-sell” perspective through to “closing a deal.”

Learn effective sales competencies; learn what differentiates an individual who has not yet succeeded in selling well to a sales superstar. Gain an in-depth look at the dynamics and key components of a successful sales presentation - from the words you choose, to the medium your message is delivered, to your personal aura and actual physical presentation. In addition, this course will help you gain insight into critical measurements of sales success - from lead generation to qualifying potential audiences to writing RFPs.

Some of the comments from former students include:

  • NO matter what aspect of the tourism industry you are working in, this course helps you to discover and develop your personal brand.
  • This is the best trade book that I have read all year. This book encompasses all of the beliefs that I have about selling and communicating with people in general.
  • It further reinforces my ability to be a consummate sales professional.

Registration is closed.

This course provides the opportunity for you to examine and improve your effectiveness, not only at work tasks, but also as a whole person striving to fulfill your responsibilities as an entrepreneur or employee, a spouse, a friend, a parent, and other life roles.

Some of the comments from former students include:

  • Once you have taken this course, you will definitely rethink how you interact and treat others.
  • We were "forced" to realize how each lesson touches part of our life, everyday.

Registration is closed.

Meet beer Cicerone and Brewery instructor

Ron Smith

Ron Smith is a man who knows beer. He is a Master Level Beer Judge Certification Program Beer Judge, Certified Cicerone, Craft Brewery Operations & World Beer Styles Educator, Craft/Small Brewery Quality Consultant, Belgium & Germany Beer Trip Guide and International Whiskey Judge.

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Two people stand inside a brewery. One is pouring beer from a metal tank.

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Two people stand inside a brewery. One is pouring beer from a metal tank.

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If you are looking for a speaker for a conference, keynote address, luncheon, or community event, we can help connect you with the right speaker from a growing list of experts. Contact us and we will do the rest.

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