Building Smart Resilient Cities

Focusing on neighborhoods

Strong communities are built on thriving neighborhoods.

We work with nonprofit organizations and planning committees to develop frameworks and priorities for strengthening our neighborhoods.

Sometimes, that’s by working within community schools. Sometimes that’s by revitalizing a neighborhood through a community center. And sometimes that’s by bringing the right partners into the conversation.

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Fostering economic development

Strong communities are economically sound communities.

To ensure our neighbors have all the opportunities they deserve, we partner with community organizations and research institutes to create economic growth in our area.

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Creating resilient communities

Our approach to resiliency is fueled by social equity—the human and natural systems and how they interact. Multiple research initiatives also explore how climate change affects urban life and well-being. Graduates from IUPUI engage in internships and capstone courses that in part affect both the human and natural systems to foster sustainability.

Creating a sustainable campus

At IUPUI, we’re committed to leading the way when it comes to sustainability efforts by putting them into place on our campus. The Office of Sustainability was created to lead those initiatives.

It works with various campus departments to lessen IUPUI’s environmental impact and increase campus sustainability.

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Preparing communities for disasters

The Polis Center’s expertise in geoinformatics has helped communities across Indiana to develop emergency management plans, hazard risk analysis and multi-hazard mitigation planning.

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