What is community-engaged learning?

Community-engaged learning can take many forms—one of which is service learning.

To create a service learning course, community engagement must be incorporated into the curriculum. That means your students should participate in a project with a local organization that helps them achieve the desire learning outcomes—and betters the community.

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Learning through service

Students in an IT Service class spend part of their time at local community centers teaching senior citizens how to use Smartphones, apps and social media and learning what an IT career will look like.

Forming partnerships

By forming more than 100 partnerships with community organizations, an IUPUI professor is giving his students new career options and showing the community what future graduates can do.

Consider joining a community of practice

The Center for Service and Learning offers several community of practice programs that focus on specific topics within service learning.

Designed to support faculty currently working in the field, you can join a group focused on international service learning, community engaged scholarship, funding development, and more.

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Get help with course assessment

Evaluating results is an important part of any service learning course.

The Center for Service and Learning has assembled a variety of online assessment resources to get you started. Alternatively, you can work with them to design an evaluation process that fits your needs.

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