IndyEast Promise Zone

Helping the IndyEast Promise Zone keep its word

In 2007, the residents of the IndyEast neighborhood came together to reclaim their once prosperous neighborhood and make it a better place to live.

We got involved from the start—helping them to create a Quality of Life plan that would give their initiative a strong foundation.

In 2015, IndyEast was named a federal Promise Zone which gives it an advantage on applications for future federal funding to implement the changes outlined in their Quality of Life plan.

The Office of Community Engagement is one of the Promise Zone implementation partners.

Setting goals and making promises

The IndyEast Promise Zone has identified four promise areas that we are working with them to address:

  • Work IndyEast—Focuses on economic development and securing living wages for its residents through entrepreneurship, industrial reuse, and job training.
  • Buy IndyEast—Aims to establish healthy commercial areas in the neighborhood that serve as a destination for shopping, dining, and recreation for the entire region.
  • Safe IndyEast—Works to create a welcoming, secure neighborhood for everyone through crime prevention, youth intervention programming, and supportive reentry services.
  • Learn IndyEast—Focuses on ensuring all residents get an excellent education from birth to adulthood by providing developmentally appropriate early childhood services, high-quality and innovative schools, and access to postsecondary education and training.

Spotlight on education

As part of our commitment to providing educational opportunities for residents in the area, we partnered with the Edna Martin Christian Center and IPS Schools 51 and 56 to form the Martindale Brightwood Alliance for Educational Success (MBAES).

Together, we work to advance the continuous development of a community-wide partnership between the schools, families, health and human services agencies, faith-based organizations, and businesses. These partnerships work to maximize the education and life potential of every child, young person, and adult from cradle to career.

Learn more about MBAES

Establishing a culture of health

A group of faculty has been assembled from the schools of social work, medicine, dentistry, and nursing to help foster a community “Culture of Health” on the Near East side.

The group will also partner with IU Health, Indianapolis Public Schools, Mary Rigg Community Center, Edna Martin Community Center, and Eskenazi Health. Together, we will work to improve health for all by developing scalable solutions and taking targeted action in our community.

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